Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dove connecting spirit and earth

Ideas maybe come from our inner energy meeting the outer atmosphere Ideas flow through some people and not so much through others, or at least the others who feel that they are not good at having ideas maybe just don't know how to recognise them and trust them when they come.

If I had to say whether they come from the brain or the mind, I would definitely say the mind which then filters them through to the brain.

The mind is connected to the soul and creative ideas tend to come more often and fluidly when a person feels a balance between body, mind and spirit.

When I mention spirit this is not meant to be religious, it is purely the communication of our deeper nature (real nature) in a sense.

Ideas often come when we are not trying to physically think of them, so the more relaxed a person is the more likely they are to have an idea.

This is one of the reasons why I believe that it is a combination of our own inner energy which is influenced by spirit, and the meeting of the outer environment that we are in at that moment.

Many people find it useful to relax or take a walk in nature when they feel stressed or when they have an important issue to think about.

There is a benefit of being in inspirational surroundings which is appreciated by artists, other creative people and many members of humankind.

For me and lots of other people I know, there is great peace to be found sitting on a quiet beach or walking by the sea listening to the lapping waves.

Mountains are very nurturing also and have a real Mother Earth feeling, so I have found them very inspirational for ideas.
Thinking about what people refer to as writers' block this can be connected with trying too hard to have ideas. A writer can feel frustrated as the cycle of ideas flowing starts to ebb, and may push too hard to get the flow of ideas started again.

Trust in yourself and take yourself to a location that makes you feel de-stressed.

Every individual who inhabits the earth has their own special worth and with that comes ideas that can be useful to others, or just fun to have, or inspire something creative.

Learn to trust and remember to enjoy the idea process. If you take it overly seriously you may drive the best ideas away.

When you tried something new as a child and had ideas how to play as a child, it was fun and you probably had creative ideas.

Be light in yourself and the ideas energy should flow, especially if you go to a good environment.

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